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    Environment / Sustainability

matronic follows principles of environmental protection and sustainability

We want our economic success to be underpinned by sustainable and environmentally friendly actions. The protection and conservation of our natural resources, climate protection just as the reduction and avoidance of plastic waste are very important to us. Therefore a key basis of matronic’s actions is the acceptance of and compliance with national as well as international environment protection laws and standards.

 Besides the preservation of natural resources the respectful treatment of its employees, customers and suppliers is also one of matronic’s main concerns. Therefore all our actions as an employer and business partner are based on the commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, fair workings conditions and anti-discrimination laws.



Block heating station – environment friendly energy for matronic


Our location is equipped with an eco-friendly combined heat and power unit that supplies both heat and electricity at the same time. The combined heat and power coupling achieves an overall efficiency of 105,2%. In addition, energy resources are preserved and CO2- emissions are reduced.



Environmentally friendly packaging

 In order to protect the environment, we use reusable cartons for the major part of our outgoing goods. All incoming goods are unpacked upon their receipt, the respective cartons are stored in lattice boxes and then again prepared to be reused for goods issue. Moreover we are well on the way towards using exclusively paper as filling material in order to make the dispatch of goods more environmentally friendly.

More environmentally friendly. More efficient. More successful.



Avoidance of plastics


We reject using plastic drinking bottles and aluminium cans. Instead we offer our employees and guests mineral-rich local drinking water carbonated on-site by our eco-friendly water dispenser as well as freshly ground coffee specialties in reusable mugs.

In-house E - charging station at matronic


Since the beginning of 2019 matronic has its own electric charging station for electric cars. Here, customers, visitors and even the company's employees can supply their electric vehicles with electricity. In this way we want to promote future-oriented electromobility.



Tübingen’s climate protection pact


As a contribution to the Paris climate protection agreement the university city of Tübingen has set itself the goal of reducing CO² emissions in comparison to 2014 by 25% until 2022 and even becoming completely climate-neural by 2030. matronic takes part in this worldwide climate protection movement and supports the university city of Tübingen in achieving its ambitious climate protection goals within its own scope of action.

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