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Switching Thyristor

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A Thyristor is any semiconductor switch with a bi-stable action depending on p-n-p-n regenerative feedback. Thyristors are normally two- or three-terminal devices for either unidirectional or bi-directional circuit configurations.

Thyristors can have many forms, but they all have certain commonalities:

  • They are solid state switches that are normally open circuits (very high impedance)
  • They are capable of withstanding rated blocking/off-state voltage until triggered to on state
  • When triggered to on state, they become a low-impedance current path until principle current either stops or drops below a minimum holding level
  • After a Thyristor is triggered to on-state condition, the trigger current can be removed without turning off the device

Thyristors are used to control the flow of electrical currents in applications including:

  • Home appliances - lighting, heating, temperature control, alarm activation, fan speed
  • Electrical tools - for controlled actions such as motor speed, stapling event, battery charging
  • Outdoor equipment - water sprinklers, gas engine ignition, electronic displays, area lighting, sports equipment, physical fitness


  • High Voltage and Ampere ratings
  • Unidirectional and Bidirectional transient voltage protection
  • Automatically triggered "off" for specied periods of time
  • RoHS compliant
  • Glass-passivated junctions
  • High voltage capability up to 1000 V
  • High surge capability up to 950

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